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Closing Down A Business Encase of Violent Riots

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Apparently there are going to be a lot of protests around the Vancouver area where most people are expecting it to be peaceful overall. However, because of what is happening in the US businesses are worried that something similar may happen here. As a result, a lot of businesses are actually boarding up in an effort to discourage people who may even remotely be thinking of vandalizing and looting their stores.

Would you actually close your entire physical store down in these cases where something may or may not happen? I’m thinking one type of business that is usually always open is a supermarket where it seems like they aren’t really reacting to it. The types of businesses that are boarding up seems to be mostly clothing and electronic stores. Of course another factor here is supermarkets are an essential service.

It almost makes you think that businesses should invest in some security systems like a bank where I have seen at a push of a bottom all these barriers will rise up to protect the employees, blocking access to the valuables and eventually the robber has no real choice but to leave. It almost ia like gambling where closing means you are guaranteed to lose money versus if something dos happen you may lose hundreds of thousands instead. What would you do?

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