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Clearance Prices Too Low To Trust Quality

Like a lot of frugal shoppers I always try to find items that are on sale which give you the best value for your dollar. You can often find clearance items that are such a great deal where even if you don’t really want it yourself, they can be a great gift a say a stocking stuffer. But this one was kind of interesting where the low price made mistrust the product and retailer.

There was this power bank that was on sale at Canadian Tires that seemed like a killer deal price was as it was listed at $49.99 to now be at $8.99. What a steal right? But it did say this power bank was 5300 mAh which isn’t that large. You can often get those tiny cylinder ones with the same capacity for a similar price. This made me think more that the product may be so low quality that the perception of a huge savings is the only way to get rid of it.

If the listed price was $15 originally then I wouldn’t think much of it as my expectations would be low for a brand I am not too aware of. But they off the wall prices like this can have the opposite effect in terms of an impulse buy.

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