Choosing A Partnership On Values and Principles

Choosing A Partnership On Values and Principles

I was having an interesting conversation today with a person in regards to choosing partners to do business with and one main point that came up was to focus on one another’s core values. This was very true I thought as a lot of times people focus on one’s skills or financial capabilities as the determining factors to partner up with someone.

Really when you think about it, focusing on the other person’s values instead can pretty much tell you immediately what the venture will be like afterwards. For example, some people believe that the way to go in growing a business is to grow with your cash flow and work with that. Whereas some believe you need to go all out financially in the beginning.

Little things like that alone can tell you so much about one’s vision, financial management style, risk assessments and so fourth. This is even true for jobs I’d say. The person with the best attitude and values that match what you are looking for is usually a lot better than a person that is the complete opposite but has the best skills.

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