Chinese New Year
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Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Years with this year being the year of the rat. I was just reading this article in the paper where Feng Shui experts were predicting what the outcomes of this year would be. The highlights were that there is going to be a lot of world tension and natural disasters. On top of that, there is supposed to be a lot of sexual scandals.

It wasn’t exactly a positive article I guess you can say for the new years. I personally think it is nice to keep in mind in terms of a point of view, but it is kind of way out there to start making decisions solely on things of this nature. It’s kind of like astrology I guess. When people tell me that I fit the exact mold of a Pisces as proof that it is like the law, it just make me think “Let me introduce you to this guy who was born under that sign too who’s hobbies seem to be being promiscuous and at the same time hurts and lies about others to get ahead in life.”

In terms of business and money, people usually spend a lot of money consulting with people such as fortune tellers. I personally treat a new years as an extra push to get you to start doing anything that you procrastinated to do which could have impacted your life a lot. That’s definitely the case for me as in some ways I think I have been extremely over preparing in taking action on a specific event and the thought that it is a new year sure makes you want to do it now.

Chinese new years usually means red envelopes too where unmarried people are given money. That’s always nice as an unexpected form of income to say save or invest. You just shouldn’t forget to return the deed when you are in the position to do that in the future. Gung hay fat choy.

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