Chinese New Year Money And Those Red Envelopes
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Chinese New Year Money And Those Red Envelopes

This is kind of a common question I was just asked where since the Spring Festival, better known as Chinese New Years, is coming up on what is suppose to be the significance in giving out money within those red envelopes. I’m not a historian or anything so I can’t give you this detailed background history, but I guess I can answer that based on my experience.

First of all, the color red is suppose to be a lucky color to Chinese people which should make the envelope color self explanatory. In general, the red envelope is supposed to give positive energy to the person. When a person gives this money to another it is suppose to bring good luck to both the person who is giving the money and the one receiving it. The way it goes is that people who are married give unmarried people these red envelopes with money in it or older relatives, such as a grandfather or grandmother, in a family give it to the younger members of the family. As you can tell, it is kind of like wanting to pass off some good fortune to the less fortunate and growing crowd.

That’s the basics of it from my experience anyways. This time of the year was one way I learned to save money personally and I guess in a way taught me that one should try to help others when you reach to the point where you can to maintain a strong and prosperous foundation.

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