Checking When A Company Tries To Blame Another Business For Not Delivering

Checking When A Company Tries To Blame Another Business For Not Delivering

I was thinking the other day as there was a company who had a ton of reviews online where customers were complaining that they often failed to deliver a service as agreed. As well, apparently the company has a lot of unhappy contract workers as they were allegedly not paid for their work. That’s usually a sign that these are the types of companies that essentially lie and try to blame others for their failure to follow through. You have to watch out that they aren’t trying to trap you in that.

There are two specific examples that come to mind. There was one example of a company that was desperately seeking someone to finish some coding work and he asked everyone he knew for leads. He came across so desperate that people knew something didn’t seem right. For example, more than likely he promised his client to finish task which he isn’t able to do. The common strategy here is they will then contract the work with a company and once they do will provide very bad instructions. Therefore, that sets up the contracted company for failure which then can then turn around to say it was all their fault. Basically an unethical way to cover their own end. It often works because the end client that needs the work would never have spoken to the people who were hired last minute to verify.

The other common example is a company would try and ask another business to help them where they just need to find someone to blame. So what they would do in this day and age is flood the recipient with tons of different e-mails and subjects purposely where they all pretty much obtain the same message. Afterwards their hope is you won’t reply to at least once so that they can in-turn show this e-mail to their client to say that company wasn’t replying. So like there you have to play it smart and keep thorough documentation. Unethical business people are sadly a very common place.

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