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Checking For A Training Lineage Or Years of Experience

This got me thinking today as I was reading about a person who was offering some martial arts classes where based on the literature they have years of experience. The fees were pretty high too where at the same time I guess that is normal for people with years of experience. However, there was an odd part to this as every literature I read the person didn’t disclose where exactly he trained from throughout his years. While granted the person could be self-taught it made me wonder do you care more about lineage or years of experiences when it comes to paying someone money to teach you in these cases?

In these types of service based situation I think it comes down more to whether or not one advertises themselves to have an affiliation of some sort with a group or organization where they use it as a selling point. Because generally speaking for a lot of lifestyle kind of training and services I often find that years of practical experience can in many ways be better than a certification as an example. Again though, if the person uses affiliation as a well to sell something though then that is a different story.

I usually tend to research a person’s lineage in these kinds of cases for knowledge and awareness. If you are going to be spending your hard earned money in having people teach you a certain skill it’s best to know these kinds of things. Otherwise it is just too easy to fall for the sale based on keywords that a business pushes out there.

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