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Checking If You Really Need Company Specific Solutions

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Today I was looking up some places that I could buy this USB cable that needed replacing as it was starting to get bent on the end. The first thing I did was look at the manufacturer’s site of the product I would be using it for. This was kind of interesting as the material made it sound like you had to use the cords provided by the company otherwise it wouldn’t work or that there is no guarantee that the product will function as normal. They made it sound like you pretty much had to use their own proprietary items.

After researching it a bit though it seemed like you could pretty much use any brand that makes cords. It usually is easier to just try and buy everything from the same company that gave you things like these accessories upon purchase of a main product. But many times you often just end up paying way more than you should. One example I see a lot is with things like memory cards. It’s odd when you see these micro sd cards labelled as being able to work specifically for items such as a camera or gaming consoles where for many it gives the illusion that those will give the best performance. That usually isn’t true.

There are even some other examples such as people registering domain names and then actually thinking if they get the hosting service from the same company that it would run better. Not usually true as well. Sometimes it can be good to spread out your services because companies that specialize in one specific thing can often give you the best value for your dollar too.

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