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Checking Credit Reports Manually

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Kind of a scary story that my friend told me the other day. Essentially, she is very frugal and responsible with her money and has a very good credit score. She took the extra initiative to be even safer where she enrolled into a monthly credit alert service where if anyone tries to open an account under her name that she would get notified immediately. I suppose you can say you are paying for a peace of mind.

Sadly enough, just recently she was looking at her charges on a credit card and there were strange purchases that she never made. Afterwards, she checked her credit report too and it dropped dramatically. It appeared that a person was using her name and good credit history to take out a loan of sort. Her immediate reaction was how useless that monthly service was.

For myself I never enroll into these kinds of monthly alert services as I just feel it will make me lazy in not staying on top of things. It might seem like only say $9 a month, but for something that may only take me a few seconds I would rather just save the $9 or so. As well, I guess like in this situation you can’t just assume it is a set it and forget type of situation completely.

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