Checking For The Best Grocery and Produce or Not
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Checking For The Best Grocery and Produce or Not

Today I bought a pretty big watermelon to give to my parents and usually in selecting one I tend to knock on the watermelon to listen to the type of sound it generates. Usually if it has a semi hollow sounding tone to it as opposed to a blank firm one that usually indicates that it is going to be very sweet I find. Sure enough when my parents opened it the watermelon was deep red and sweet.

The funny thing was when I gave it to them I was knocking on it to show that It was a good one and my mom started nagging on how that can bruise the watermelon. She began to say how she hates it when people do that in the supermarket too. It kind of made me think where when you buy these kinds of items do you tend to do any kind of checking to see if it is good or do you simply just grab whichever one is closest?

I know one habit that people often have is that they would neglect to buy the product in-front them but instead go for the one in the back if possible. The assumption is less people touched it and so it should be the newest per se. For me I think it’s always better to try and get the best in these cases. Imagine the disappointment too if you spend all that money for this where when you open it up it just isn’t very good. I think knocking on the watermelon is warranted right?

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