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Cheaper To Make Your Own Variety Pack

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Today I was looking at this product that was simply a mix of different kinds of nuts and goodies as I guess it is supposed to be like a trail mix of sort. Within the same section they also had packages of nuts and such from the same company except in these cases each bag only contained one type of item. The funny thing I noticed was the price difference. That trail mix bag was about $2 more than the other bags that only contained one item. Therefore, just from a dollar point of view, if you were going to consume a decent amount then it seemed like you would save like 20% to 30% just by purchasing the one item bags and mixing them yourself.

I know in many cases these variety packs are usually the same price as the single item ones and so in that case it’s the same thing or better if you didn’t want the same stuff. In this case though, just seems to make more sense not to make the variety yourself.

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