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Cheap In Comparison or For Your Needs

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There was this tidbit I read about a new smartphone that is coming out that was apparently going to be priced at about $500 and this got a lot of people excited as most phones of that type I saw is usually about $800 or so. I then read comments from a lot of people who usually only use regular phones that it seemed so cheap that even they were thinking of buying it too. The thing was for some of those people I knew they were usually on a tight budget. And so any way you put it, it wouldn’t be a cheap purchase for them, so to speak.

It almost reminds when you walk into a store at times where you know you need something specific but don’t know which one to buy. And very often we would find ourselves buying this one thing where everyone says it’s way cheaper than everything else that has similar features. Even though that other item that is say $100 less expensive is all we need.

In the end, it should always come down if it is actually cheap for you and your needs as opposed to how it compares in the market when it comes to things like these I say.

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