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Charging Lower Fees For Wisdom Tooth Removal Than The Quoted Amount

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So today I went to the dentist to officially get the wisdom tooth taken out that appeared to be giving me issues. I was originally quoted a little over $200 which from what I gather is a price for more difficult extractions. But my tooth was on the top which from research is supposed to be a lot easier. Regardless, I was hoping I chose the right dentist based on things like reputation as I would rather pay a little more to get it done right in this case.

Once the extraction occurred it literally only lasted a few minutes. I think it actually took longer to inject the needle in order to make the area numb as you have to wait for it to take effect. Even I was shocked at how fast it was. Afterwards I had to pay for the bill and the dentist was telling me I would be charged a lower rate than the quoted estimated as the job was way easier than even they expected.

So that was great as it was almost a $100 savings. I think that can be a good thing for a business not to charge more than they feel they needed to for the job if it ended up being easier than expected. You may say that is crazy as you should take the money since that is what the client expected to pay. But in this case as the consumer it actually made me more inclined to go to them again for any future services which ultimately means more business for them.

Something to think about if you are one to usually have the mindset of simply trying to take as much as you can for a transaction.

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