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Changing To Night Shifts To Make More Money

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Today I was reading how this one person needed more money and instead of finding a new job or additional part-time work he opted to work the graveyard shifts at the place he already works at. Based on what I saw too he got like an extra $5 an hour based on that alone. I suppose the pay is basically because there are less people who are willing to tolerate those kinds of working hours and so a business needs to pay more to encourage people to take them.

For myself once in awhile would be okay. But making it like a full time career seems a little excessive to me as I am one of those who are inclined to say working those late night hours probably isn’t too good for you health. Is it worth it though in the end simply to make more money faster? I suppose that is simply a personal preference for everybody as obviously there are people who work during these hours for a living. Either way, it’s and option I suppose if you are thinking of ways to make more money.

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