Changing The World As The Motivator

Changing The World As The Motivator

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Well this was kind of neat. I was reading an article that talked about the factors that motivate many entrepreneurs to come out with the next big idea. While it mentioned that money was a factor it implied that the biggest reason was that the person wants to change the world. So it’s like saying if you invented say a phone that operates with no electricity it’s more about the notion that your idea has had a big impact in the world as opposed to the money.

I guess the real note taker out of that is how as usual if you are ever doing something you should really believe in it. This is as opposed to sitting in the corner all day with the primary focus being on how you can say make a lot of money fast. If your mentality is to always come up with things that will make a big impact you can easily see how one would be constantly motivated and challenged to strum up new ideas as that is one goal that is never ending.

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