Changing Friends For A Few Months Experiment
Financial Management

Changing Friends For A Few Months Experiment

I have heard of this before and to a certain I agree where for a lot of people most of their spending habits are directly influenced by the type of people one regularly associates with. Example, rowdy people are more likely to spend a lot of money on parties and high fashionable items.

So just recently a person told me that he was going to try and alienate a large portion of his friendship circle for a few months and only hang around people who are debt free. Therefore, he wants to see if this will actually make a significant improvement to his financial situation as maybe their habits will rub on to him too.

I never had to do anything like this. One thing is for sure though, whenever I hang around people who just seem to spend spend spend I will naturally tend to spend a little more too as many times you don’t want to come across as being say rude. Example, if someone orders like a huge meal and you are not hungry you will be inclined to order something just to not make them feel awkward.

I’m interested in seeing how this turns out for him.

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