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Changing For A Sudden Wider Demographic or Not

Imagine you have been running some kind of small business or project for years as you gotten used to your regular customers and likewise they keep going to you do to that trust and lifestyle reliability. Your service and product offerings I pretty specific as opposed to a larger business that caters to the extreme mass where they need to process people in and out as fast as possible as well.

So pretend now all of a sudden your business got an enormous amount of exposure to the point where the demographic that is approaching you is completely different. They aren’t used to seeing a small business like yours where in many ways they keep asking and wondering why you don’t offer and present things exactly lie the larger businesses. So with this surge of new visitors would you actually try to adapt to them while potentially changing business direction to do so? Or would you simply stick to what you have always been doing and serving a niche of people?

I personally find it really depends as large corporations would tend to try and find ways to capitalize on a sudden surge of new customer types whereas a smaller business would often just stick to what they do.

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