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Cell Phones Are Tricky Presents

My brother and I decided that this year for Christmas we would chip in to buy our mom a cell phone since we felt that it would come in handy for her from time to time. The things is though that we doubt that she will be using it extensively like most people and so we were debating over a pre-paid phone card or traditional monthly plan.

Value wise it seems like a traditional monthly plan would seem like the best way to go as you get features such as caller ID and voicemail. General money wise and in terms of the amount of usage that we are assuming, a pre-paid card seems to make the most sense. The only thing that is kind of silly is that the cards expire every 60 days which makes the choice a little more debatable.

Another thought was signing up for one of those family plans where you can share minutes, but for like myself I have one of those special deal plans already where I get to save a lot of money from the regular advertised plans which wouldn’t work.

It was kind of funny too as I was seeing these signs advertising how cell phones, like the iPhones, make a great gift with so many easy plans to choose from. Sure doesn’t seem to be the case here…..

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