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Cell Phone Retention Plans

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I decided to shop around a little with different cell phone carriers due to my recent experience. At first a lot of the rates and plans seemed similar. I then got an e-mail from one of the phone carriers that offered a plan which is not normally displayed as a regular offer. It was definitely better than the one I was currently using with my existing carrier.

Since I’m not tied down to a contract, this made me curious if my existing provider would try to match it. Sure enough, they gave me new options which were a lot better than what I was currently getting.

Many times these extremely discounted plans are actually special corporate plans or ones reserved for say employees who work in the field. You can actually still get these plans as a regular consumer as well by simply phoning your carrier and asking about it as well. If your contract is expiring, that gives them even more reason to want to cater to you.

For those in Canada, here are examples of these plans from Telus and Bell that I was offered:


-200 minutes anytime
-Unlimited Evenings and weekends from 6pm to 8am
-Incoming Member Calling
-Message Centre, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding
-Long Distance rate plan
-System Fees Included

Under $26


-200 daytime minutes
-Unlimited local night and weekends from 6pm to 8am
-Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting, Conference Calling
-System fees included

Under $25

You can actually negotiate for different features. To my knowledge, the Bell plan is normally a corporate plan and the Telus one is what employees could get. I’m currently going back and fourth to see which one is the best. I was also considering a data phone plan instead which would require something different. But, this is definitely a great way to save money on your cell phone bill.

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