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Celebrating Events Early To Save Time And Money

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I talked about this before where many people have adopted the mentality of celebrating holidays after the actual date to save money. For example, there are usually a ton of sales after Christmas where as a result many families celebrate the event after the actual Christmas date to save a lot of money. This probably wouldn’t work too well in cases such as celebrating a new year.

Quite a few times I have noticed now is how due to everyone having a busy schedule a lot of holidays and celebrations are conducted on an earlier date to make it more convenient for everyone. A frequent example are birthday parties for kids. If the child’s birthday falls under a weekday I have often seen parents throw a big party for the child on the weekend before. Then on the actual birthday it’s simpler.

This coming week is father’s day and I will be busy. Therefore, it was suggested that we celebrate it earlier for my dad. When you think about it, there are less lineups and highly unlikely that restaurants will price gouge on the actual day in anticipation for a profitable day. The more I think about it, you can save time, money, and it may be more pleasant not having to deal with a large crowd.

Sometimes I wonder why we need to celebrate these kinds of events on a particular day as things like mother’s day and father’s day should be an everyday thing shouldn’t it?

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