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Celebrating Events A Day Before To Save Time And Money

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I have often heard that to save money during times such a Christmas a lot of families would actually do all the present shopping and giving after the actual day. The reason would purely be for financial reasons as you can usually find a ton of stuff at a fairly cheap price after Christmas day. With father’s day coming up that means another day where people usually spend more money such as going to restaurants. That’s when I heard how a lot of people are opting to celebrate father’s day before the actual day of the event in an effort to avoid all the crowd and to save money.

In many ways it can make sense too and is no different to people that celebrate birthday parties on an earlier date such as a weekend to accommodate more people. Would it seem too odd in these cases though to do it simply to save money? In many ways if you are going to say save 30% off your total bill in doing so then I don’t see why not in many ways. Especially if this greatly helps your financial situation while still doing what you wanted to do in a sense.

I would imagine it’s more of the stigma of being “cheap” as some people would say. I would personal think this is more about being frugal though with scenarios like this.

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