Catering To Negative Customers Who Are Wrong or Not

Catering To Negative Customers Who Are Wrong or Not

This got me thinking recently as I was looking for a barber around an area that would be good and I started my search by reading some online reviews. It’s what you would expect where everyone had positive and negative reviews. But one that got me thinking was how a person apparently booked an appointment only to not show up. Therefore, the policy of the business was to keep the customer’s deposit fee for the booking.

The customer was outraged and started to post negative reviews of the company stating the reason she didn’t show up as apparently she was diagnosed with COVID and had to isolate. So with that thought it would sound like this is a company that is all about money and could care less about what the customer had to go through. The business’s response to this was that they don’t charge customers anything if they cancel with at least 12 hours notice. To me that sounds reasonable from the businesses’ end.

Now to me the business was in the right here. However, that negative comment from the person can go a long way in persuading others to not use them. So it makes you think there, as the business would you ever just accept the loss in this instance to avoid having like say the bad review and word of mouth from people like these? My personal opinion is it’s probably better in these cases to stay firm as people shouldn’t be able to essentially blackmail you into doing something you have no fault in.

It reminds me of a crazy example where a manger at a store folded to a customer that was clearly wrong. Essentially, the store has a price protection policy where if you find a price cheaper elsewhere the store will match the price and give you and extra 10% of the difference. The customer went into the store arguing what it really means is that the company would match the price and give you an extra 10% off the entire price of the product. The customer was clearly wrong as they started to yell and all and surprisingly the manger folded to the person and gave them the discount.

I can only imagine people like that continuing to get away with actions like those if a company didn’t stay firm where in the end just sharing the story would probably expose the customer if they have a reputation of doing it frequently to every business.

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