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Caring How People Got to Where They Are or Not

Recently here there has been a lot of news about how there were 215 dead children bodies found buried in a residential school which caused a lot grieving amongst people. While people wonder how this even happened, it then created a lot of anger on historical figures who would normally be viewed as heroes are now villains. On top of that, it in a way shows the type of unethical practices that were done in order to further things for a specific side.

It made me think how for a lot of people who made it big it came as a result of in some way cheating or doing something questionable. For example, imagine someone getting fame and fortune by winning a body builder competition by taking steroids. Years after the person then mentions how that was wrong and that no one should do that. Most people would just shrug it off as that was his past.

Would you personally care? The thing I would be concerned about is whether or not the person truly changed or not. That is the difficult part. Especially if you need to make a decision in terms of entering into some kind of partnership as an example.

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