Caring About The Few Who Disagree or Not

Caring About The Few Who Disagree or Not

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There was some interesting news recently how a few employees at Google were against this drone project to the point where employees were very vocal about it and were willing to resign. For the most part it seemed like the company’s stance was to keep going and it kind of made me wonder business wise where even with a smaller company would you tend to address the concerns of the minority with urgency or treat it as simply too small to worry about?

For example, imagine you had ten employees and one person complained that they didn’t agree ethically with the way certain things are done. Would you take that one person seriously enough to consider changing things or would that be simply a lost cause where you will expect the person to deal with it or quit? To make it trickier imagine this situation involved helping the company earn millions too.

I would think most people would say listen to the one person still and all where at the same time I can’t imagine anyone stopping its business in this case if it meant earning a ton. But I guess the bottom line for most companies are if that one person is going to greatly affect the numbers then they have to take it seriously. Not the fairy tale path that most would envision of course but it’s the reality in many cases.

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