Cardi B Grocery Prices Backlash
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Cardi B Grocery Prices Backlash

Recently there were a lot of stories on how Singer Cardi B publicly complained about the prices of groceries stating how a lettuce that used to cost about two dollars was now about seven dollars. Most people would be upset over the cost of living and would like to see it become affordable again. But there was a surprise here where because she is wealthy apparently a lot of people scolded her as money shouldn’t realty be an issue for her. So she created a video response expressing how the point is if she is complaining about prices then imagine someone who is in a less fortunate position.

I find it strange at times how a lot of people think where just because someone has a lot of money then somehow that means they don’t care about how prices. I was always told one point where many people became rich by being diligent with their finances from day one. That’s why a lot of wealthy people actually wear very cheap clothes or say spend as little money as possible to get a haircut. It’s true too where many times it’s not how much you make but rather how you spend it.

I would think it should be the other way around where if a rich person tells you to stop complaining and get a better paying job as an example it would be more logical to be outraged over that right?

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