Capitalizing On Your Journey And Not The Result

Capitalizing On Your Journey And Not The Result

I was having a conversation with a person today and he was telling me that he tried many things such as Forex trading where he would constantly spend so much time on it just to break even financially. As a result, he was basically going in a circle with no real return for his efforts and so he quit.

I was saying how whenever I do anything I always look at various ways to fully take advantage of my journey and experiences. For example, if I jumped into the world of Forex like he did I would be inclined to document my whole journey.

At worst, even if I don’t make any money directly through trading money I could have one very interesting journey that has been documented. Who knows what you can do with that afterwards. Write a book, create a documentary to educate people, etc.

This is for non money situations as well. Been through what would be considered as a negative experience? Take that experience and package it into something worthwhile. I find that this mentality helps you to get over that fear of not just getting up from the couch and doing something as oppose to always thinking about immediate gratifications.

Example, he was telling me that he just needs to see that carrot dangling in front of him which keeps him motivated to keep going after something as it is within his grasp. I responded by saying I would rather just grow my own carrot. At the same time, I’m sure there is going to be an interesting story on how I grew it too which would be a great reward on its own.

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