Capitalizing On Negativity For A Company

Capitalizing On Negativity For A Company

This was an interesting observation I had recently where there were some companies that appeared to have made various business decisions that upset a lot of its userbase to the point where you could read negative comments everywhere. But what caught my attention was how there were plenty of people who normally got very little clout covering the company’s products and all of a sudden they just seemed to have lost neutrality and went full in to talk about all the bad points about them.

That got them a lot more attention it seemed as there was indeed a large group of people who wanted the company to go bankrupt as an example. Because of this a lot of people capitalized on it and attempted to find every dirt and negative thing to say about the company in order to grow their business. Not surprisingly, they even tried to sell merchandise to take advantage of the traffic.

You wonder why at times people latch on to negative trends or news as an example. If this is anything to go by there is money to be made in that for many people huh?

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