Canada Turkey Recall
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Canada Turkey Recall

Thanksgiving is coming up here and as expected people here buying turkey. So imagine this where there is a recall notice for Turkey products purchased in various Western Canada stores. There was this notice on the site Safeway which stated the following:

“If you have purchased a Sunrise Grade A Fresh Turkey (5- 8 kg ) with a Best Before of October 11, we ask that you return it to a Safeway store near you for a full refund.

If you have any questions, our in-store team will be happy to assist you.”

This is the busiest time of the year for Turkey purchases too so you can imagine what kind of setback that would create for the business and consumers. It’s like having to recall a newly launched product in which the company expects to sell hundreds of thousands of products. To my knowledge, the stores impacted so far are FreshCo, IGA, Safeway, Sobeys and Thrifty Foods.

I wonder if people would simply skip the Turkey in general over this precaution as well and opt to prepare some other kind of meal. How would you ever prepare to recover from this as a business where consumer trust can be very difficult to win back in these cases?

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