Canada Emergencies Act Today
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Canada Emergencies Act Today

Well this is something today where here in Canada the Prime minister announced that they plan to use the Emergencies Act against a protest movement called the Freedom Convoy 2022. This seems like something that is normally meant to be used in a time of literal war. For example, bombs being thrown everywhere to the point where people need to stay home and be safe as the military tries and fight for the country’s freedom. But for some reason it was announced to be used against people protesting current health mandates.

What was interesting from a business and financial point of view is it sounds like the government now has the ability to freeze bank accounts that they deem suspicious or are in some way connected to the protest. For example, if someone with a business decided to donate money to the cause then it’s almost as if they are now funding a terrorist. So it makes you wonder what could happen to people in that sense.

To me that seems to be an overreach for an issue that sounds like it could have easily been solved by just formally addressing their concerns. It makes me wonder if financially this will create so much distrust that people will literally pull say their money out of banks.

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