Canada Day Celebrations Today
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Canada Day Celebrations Today

Happy Canada day everyone. This year I actually decided to visit celebrations in different cities since it’s been awhile where many places are actually fully opened again. So it would be interesting to see I thought whether or not people will be going out and if businesses have pretty much picked up where they left off. For the most part, it seemed like people were definitely going out as no one seemed to be afraid to do so.

Business seemed to be as usual minus the fact that it was evident where many of the old vendors didn’t make it during all the lockdowns and so new ones are now in their place. One thing I did find kind of interesting was how in previous years Vancouver cancelled events like fireworks due to gathering restriction concern. It appears as though this year they decided to skip it again whereas other cities decided to go ahead with them.

It almost made me wonder if that was due to the city seeing that they were able to save time and money from the previous years by not having fireworks as an example so they figured they would just scrap it again. Similar to how people got used to certain lifestyle changes that saved them money where they decided to just keep going even after things were back to normal.

Either way, it was good to see that hopefully it’s as sign that things can return to normal. Happy Canada Day.

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