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Can One Person Truly Be Extremely Unlucky Finding Business Partners

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I was reading a note recently where someone who I know professionally was mentioning that he is no longer working on a particular project. The message kind of implied he was taken advantage of in some way as he specifically mentioned names of individuals that carried everything out. That then generated so many comments how this guy must have the worst luck as he seems so nice yet it appears everyone keeps screwing him over.

While it can be true where a person is so nice that they continually attract people who simply want to take advantage of them, this situation was interesting where I had some firsthand experience regarding the person. Generally speaking, he often seemed very pushy where it was like he was very desperate to get people to help him in order to maintain a professional image. This resulted in people like myself constantly wanting to stay away from his projects. On the outside though he definitely does come across as a hard worker who always tries to give as opposed to take.

It makes me wonder, would this be a red flag for you if someone seems to have say a 90% failure rate in the sense of being able to work with people in a business project? Because it’s not something that crosses most people’s mind when they have never seen a person do anything bad.

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