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How Can The Cheap Stuff Be So Effective

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I was watching one of these “life hack” type of videos today where it revolved around household items and the many things you can use a plain old lemon for. I almost feel kind of dumb watching this stuff if all the solutions that are shown are just as effective to spending a lot of money on commercialized solutions. For example, are bugs really that afraid of citrus smell where placing a lemon in your window can scare away mosquitos? To think people pay like hundreds of dollars for traps as an example. You can see the video here:

While of course the idea of saving money is an enticing reason to create a habit of using solutions like these, I just love how it opens up your mind as to all the things you initially thought are so complex where it requires an expensive solution. In reality a dirt simple and cheap solution like this can work just as well.

I am almost inclined like here to say that the “cheap” solutions are the “smart” solutions in almost every way. It’s too bad that “cheap” is usually associated with “bad” though.

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