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Calm Lunar New Year 2021

Today was the Lunar New Year in the Vancouver area and for the most part as expected it was very quiet. A lot of events went virtual and I was actually curious if a lot of businesses that normally relied on holiday traffic would still be busy. The only type of business that still seemed fairly busy with restrictions in capacity was restaurants and supermarkets. Even I was surprised at how busy some of them were.

But when it came to businesses solely selling items such as decorations the foot traffic simply wasn’t there for what would normally be a very profitable time for them. It makes you wonder if for the new year various businesses should start diversifying now to adapt to all the current restrictions. Or in like this case I would imagine a lot of these traditional stores simply offering online purchases would be a great addition for them even after all this is said and done.

All in all, hopefully everyone is able to adapt and find a way to push through everything. Happy New Year.

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