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Calling Your Machines Staff Members

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I thought this was kind of interesting. As everyone has seen a lot of businesses try to automate their companies with computers and machines in an effort to cut cost and to try and speed up service. There was one company I saw that they actually advertise their machines as staff members that try to select products that it thinks are good for you. Think of it as like an online e-commerce store where there are usually scripts in place to try and determine your shopping habit to then suggest items for you to buy.

I was then trying to think how many people would view that in a positive and lighthearted way and how many people would be cynical over that. I personally think it is kind of cute when companies use that type of direction especially when they actually go through the effort to try and brand it such as giving it a name and all as if it was a mascot. If it was like say a consulting firm where you would expect to have a real person in-front of you, well I guess in situations like those it would feel like the company is simply being cheap.

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