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Calling People Untalented For Simple Concepts That Make Money

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I was reading these articles lately about the ways people make money online and one highlight was how there is a YouTube channel called Ryan Toysreview where a 7 year old child gets to play with toys and all. As a result the channel has attracted a mass following and it was reported that they make about $22 million a year in doing so. To me that is impressive but the interesting thing is how this make so many people upset.

Essentially the gripe is many people can’t believe that such a simple concept of a kid opening a box of toys and playing with them can achieve so much success versus someone creating a high production quality movie as an example. My personal thought is there is usually so much you can learn from examples like these instead. For example, I could argue maybe one key factor for that channel’s success is the relatable factor where if you have something too polished then it may not resonate as much with people.

But why hate on other people who achieve such great success? Again, I think you can learn so much from others like that instead. It should make you think too where if your end goal was specifically to earn revenue like how that person does it maybe you should rethink how you could incorporate some of those winning formulas for your own projects. At the end of the day it does take skill to be able to package something that creates that level of success.

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