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Buying Your Own Instead of Renting

A person was telling me the other day that he phoned his local Internet provider as he was interested in getting wireless access capabilities with his Internet service. As many of you may know all that is required for this is maybe a cheap $30 wireless router that you can buy at most stores. The company did have solutions apparently where in this case it was an additional $5 a month to rent a modem with wireless features in it.

Kind of a crazy markup when you think about it and how much more expensive it is to rent an item to do the job as to outright buying the necessary equipment yourself. It’s usually more expensive to rent the items directly through the supplier in this case too as I would say there are just a ton of people who don’t want to take the time to research the solutions that make more sense financially and simply want it to work right away. Therefore, there’s no reason for the company not to make a huge amount of profit out of it.

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