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Buying Things Straight From The Source With No Rush

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Recently I needed to buy a new USB cord that was pretty specific. While I found many online the prices were kind of outrageous where you could spend about ten dollars for one. It seemed like most people that sold it too were actually third party sellers on the larger sites. This brought up a topic on how if there was no rush I should simply buy it from say the companies in China as that is where all these guys are getting it from too.

It was a dramatic price difference too as the cord was about one from the source with free shipping. The drawback of course is that the item would probably take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive and one person even said you are basically paying to get it faster with the more local sources. As long as you have the time and patience you can save a ton of money going with this type of path. The tricky thing is usually like for myself with these things I usually need it fairly soon.

Unless you are like a business selling the items I doubt many people would want to stock up on stuff like this just in case they need it. Then again maybe that is an idea too where you can buy a few cheap stuff that you think you may need and if not for the time being you can put it on sale at like an online store instead and earn.

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