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Buying The Essentials or The Complete Gift Package

One dilemma that came up during the gift shopping is how for a particular product that is rather pricey on its own right. While it will work fine and all, there are some small additional things that one would need to buy to make the gift complete such as buying a memory card for the device and other accessories to get full use of the product.

As a result, we were all debating if we wanted to spend the additional money to make the package complete as this would amount to another $70 to $100 or so. I’m personally inclined to buy mainly the essentials when it comes to a big ticketed entertainment items. By that I mean things like say a video game system or a media device like an Ipod of some sort.

As well, it also comes down to functionality vs enhancement. For example, if the product needed batteries to operate, then for sure I would find a way to throw that into the overall budget. However, if it is something to mainly enhance it such as buying a better remote or cable I would be inclined to simply let the gift receiver decide and do that on their own.

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