Buying Something Because You Think You Can Make Money With It

Buying Something Because You Think You Can Make Money With It

Sunny drone shot

Today a person was telling me how she had bought her son a $2000 drone without much thought because apparently the child’s reasoning to her was that you can make a lot of money with things like that. She then said how she is still waiting for that to happen as he only seems to be using it to have fun.

I was trying to wrap my head around someone just spending $2000 for an item they have no idea about simply with the thought that the person can potentially make money with it. Especially a child. Is that the new way to convince parents to buy expensive items? In many ways though adults do this all the time when companies give a promise that buying its items will in some way guarantee to give them good return of investment.

For me in this situation I would only actually buy it if I was actually going to do something immediately as opposed to the notion that “you can” make money with it. Otherwise I feel you are just justifying an expensive purchase for the sake of it. Then again people do this all the time with real estate where they have no intent in living within the building but rather simply flipping the property and it can often work out.

Unless you have a ton of money to blow, just for myself anyways I would rather actually do something with it even in that example such as occupying it myself or renting it out until I sold it. It just feels wiser to be immediately proactive with your expensive investments.

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