Buying Something With No Warranty To Save A Lot of Money
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Buying Something With No Warranty To Save A Lot of Money

That the large retail chain Sears closing down in Canada soon of course there are speculations of the types of sales people can find. One topic that was kind of interesting was how people who bought things recently from the company may not have any warranty now since a bankrupt company can’t exactly honor such a thing unless the warranty was being handled by someone else. Afterwards I was reading in their press release how they are reminding people that anything bought from the store will have no warranty as it will be an all sales final routine.

While that is normal for liquidation sales I have often times heard of people buying things with a lack of warranty simply because the upfront discount without it is greater they feel. For example, selling a $1000 item for $600 where the stipulation is there is no warranty and if it breaks then you are out of luck. Like there would you be inclined to go for the big discount if you had a choice or stick with the warranty?

That is kind of hard to say. But for me if I had to the choice funny enough I probably would opt for the no warranty purchases if the savings was substantial. If anything I would assume like with the above example if something did malfunction then the $400 I saved would essentially be like the repair bill where you broke even in many cases. Would you opt to do that if you had the option to save money? Would basically be like buying nothing but closeout sale items.

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