Buying Something New Versus Replacing Old Parts On Old Devices
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Buying Something New Versus Replacing Old Parts On Old Devices

I was having a conversation with a person who was trying to find some batteries for an old device that was gifted to him. It was actually a pretty high end gift over five years ago, but nowadays virtually everything has surpassed it to the point where even a low end modern day product would run circles around it. That then brought up the conversation on how instead of spending say one hundred dollars in a battery to get this old thing running again it might be better to just get someone more modern day for say three hundred dollars.

Imagine someone having a really old flip phone where it would cost one hundred dollars to replace the battery as an example. Would it not make more sense in many ways to get a very cheap smartphone for say $300 instead which would be light years ahead of that old phone? In these types of cases I would say that is probably a better choice. Especially from a compatibility point of view as most old devices would no longer be supported for many other things.

I can see if there was say a five-hundred-dollar difference. But in these cases of tech and electronic products I think it is worth it to simply get a cheaper end model that is modern day in most cases versus just trying to fix something extremely outdated.

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