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Buying Replacement Filters or a New Air Purifier For The Price

I have been using an air purifier for the longest time as well over a decade ago I started to invest in things I felt would make my health a lot better even though there was no visible or immediate need for it. Just like saving money you should always start utilizing best practices early on as opposed to only when you are in debt as an example. But with the recent COVID-19 pandemic air purifiers are in demand and I just happen. To need a replacement. Upon looking for the HEPA filter replacement it seemed like the price was going to be about $80 or so.

That seriously made me wonder where for that price would you opt to simply buy a modern day air purifier instead? I guess the one I have still technically works, but probably not as good as the latest ones that have more features. Especially when the filter price is almost literally like the price of a new unit.

Almost reminds me of how the ink for an inkjet printer can be more than the printer itself. As frugal as I am I am almost inclined to buy something new because of the price. Heck, I even saw one that apparently has speakers on it. Would you get a new one or just buy the expensive replacement?

winix purifier

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