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Buying Rarely Used Event Items

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One thing I did hear while participating during the games is that a ton of the furniture and electronics that were used for the events will be publicly sold and auctioned off. In many cases the organizations simply want to get rid of it as they would prefer to give it away as opposed to destroying the item. Example, in one case a certain organization wanted to sell all of its indoor décor items as they have no use for it anymore. An example of others that would use them are companies that work in the film industry.

I was hearing stuff such as plasma TV’s that would have an asking price of about $200. Many of these have just been used for the two weeks too. Not exactly a very cost effective way of spending money from the business perspective, but as the consumer that should be very beneficial. I know here in BC you can easily find auction listings on the official sites such as

This could easily be those situations too where not too many people visit these sites overall compared to say an Ebay and so you have a better chance of snagging good items.

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