Buying Other People’s Free Bus Passes
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Buying Other People’s Free Bus Passes

Here in BC, for our public transit system it is broken down into three zones of travel and a person has an option of buying a bus pass that enables them to travel through various zones. As you may have guessed, buying the pass that allows you to travel through all zones is more expensive.

Not too long ago there was this program called “Scrap It” that was introduced as a way to get rid of older car models off the road that are not as environmentally friendly. As an incentive, people can get an incentive worth up to a little over $2000.

Apparently there are a lot of people that don’t opt for the credit towards purchasing a new car but instead opt to get bus passes that are mailed to them every month. Interestingly enough, many of these people don’t even use transit and so instead they look to sell off their passes to others and there is no rules about it.

For example, a three zone pass is about $136 a month normally and there seems to be a never ending amount of people willing to part off with them for about $100 or less. Not a bad way to save money if you are a regular user of public transit.

Haven’t tried this myself personally, but the main thing to look out for from what I read are people that ask for a lump some and then mentioning that they will simply put your name as the address to deliver the passes to every month as from what I read the person can easily just take your name off the list afterwards.

If you find an honest seller though, it looks like it can be a good and perfectly legitimate way to benefit both parties.

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