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Buying New Products To Save Money

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One of my friends told me today on how when it comes to certain things he will always buy something new as in the long run he saves more money that way. One example he gave me was for a laser printer where he bought it initially for about $80 and that the toner alone for the printer is well over $100. So instead of buying a new toner, he just buys another laser printer which is cheaper than replacing the toner and on top of that he gets a printer that was better than his old one while selling it as well for a cheap price.

I guess for some things it can make sense as for items that require maintenance, part replacements or add-ons it can often be more expensive as for some things that is actually a business strategy that many companies use to make profit. I remember that certain MP3 players were kind of like that where the batteries literally required you to send it back to the manufacturer to replace and for many it was just cheaper and less hassle to buy a new player.

I’m pretty sure most people don’t exactly do a thorough job researching about a product in regards to determining the current and future costs associated in owning something. As usually, it is better to research first as if you buy the product that is right for your needs the first time through you can end up saving way more.

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  • We may need to consider the environmental impact of our consumption pattern. It may make economical sense personally to buy a replacement laser printer, but by doing that we have produced unnecessary wastes and consumed unnecessary resources.

    Alan C. Yu 5/25/2007 10:15 pm

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