Buying Never Used Store Demo And Display Products
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Buying Never Used Store Demo And Display Products

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Today while going through a store I noticed they were having a ton of clearance sales on various electronics. Now is actually a great time to find sales too because companies need to dump all of the unsold and returned items from the previous year as the fiscal year often ends in April for many. But there were some deals where the items were extremely cheap and still new. However, they were simply display models. So now that the company has no need for them they want to sell it.

They technically never been actually used. But because anything outside the box is deemed as used people often have to sell it at a discount. One funny thought is I have seen someone do this before in an electronic shop to save money. Basically he was interested in a TV where a brand new unit was about $1500. He basically told the salesman that he would buy the display model TV right there for cash for about $1200. $300 savings for a display model. After discussing it with his manager apparently they agreed with the sale.

That’s not a typical way you would think of to save money where you would actively go out and try and find display models. But I guess it is a perfectly viable way to save money while still getting a usable product.

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