Buying Just The Basics or Extra Value Items
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Buying Just The Basics or Extra Value Items

With Amazon Prime day coming up I was actually asking people if they were looking out for any items in particular. Because usually for any sales events I see tons of great deals I have no use for where I just leave it. But that could be something another person would love to have. One person had a request for disposable compost bags to get rid of organic waste easily.

For the sake of research I just looked up the average costs of these items. I then noticed there was one that offered about 150 bags for $19 and another gave 100 bags for $15.50. The difference was the 100 bag bundle had some kind of lemon freshener integrated with it so that whenever you throw food away it will help in reducing any bad smell. The other one gets you more but it is just a plain bag. So I was even asking the person which one they would want as I know they said they use baking soda to get rid of bad smell in the bags normally.

The person seemed a little unsure though. I think money wise it would actually be cheaper to get more bags and use the baking soda. But if that lemon scented stuff actually works would I make more sense value wise in terms of your time and convenience. I was actually leaning more towards the lemon scented bags honestly. It felt like one of those things where in practicality it can be those small life conveniences that will reduce time and stress. Example, quickly cleaning up and wanting to just throw stuff into it. Would you opt to do extra steps though in this case to save a little?

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