Buying Items Again When It Gets Cheaper
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Buying Items Again When It Gets Cheaper

Today is boxing day and while I didn’t intend to buy anything I did see these wireless earbuds for sale which was really enticing as I literally was looking for a pair recently. However, I didn’t really feel like paying more than $50 for one. I then saw these Lenovo wireless earbuds on sale as a door crasher today for about $20. That was good enough to make me buy it. Funny enough, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the original price at first in which they list it as $134.99. That is a crazy deal I that is a true regular price that many people paid for.

But apparently people were buying this like crazy a few months back when it was listed for about $35. So buying it at an all time low is even better I suppose. It was interesting to read too how there were many people who bought it at the $35 price only to then buy it again now that it is $19.99. Why? I guess for the price they figure it would be a cheap backup. But that is interesting to think about how one would purchase the item again when it is cheaper in these instances when they have no immediate use for it.

For perishable items or say household essentials that you consume on a regular basis I guess I can see it being more practical. Usually, people would have buyer’s remorse too if they see an item get even cheaper after a recent purchase. I suppose in these instances people just want more if the price is right.

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