Buying Healthy Foods Immediately With Good Sale Prices
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Buying Healthy Foods Immediately With Good Sale Prices

This was an opposite example to yesterday where in that scenario the question revolved around buying junk food that is discounted so much where it feels like you should get it. Even though you are spending money on something that isn’t good for you per se. So how about if it is healthy food where you can easily make it as part of your daily meal?

Today in the supermarket I saw that it was selling bags Brussel sprouts for 99 cents. That’s pretty cheap I thought as they usually go for over $2 a bag. I don’t normally eat too much Brussel sprouts. But what got me thinking is how they say these are good for you. So with he huge sale price I actually decided to get it. When it comes to personal health that’s usually something I am more open to spending money on in these ways as it’s an investment into yourself for the long run.

On aside note as well, making meals for the week based on what is on sale can be a great way to save money overall while trying new things.

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