Buying Expensive Tech In Anticipation of A War or Not
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Buying Expensive Tech In Anticipation of A War or Not

There are so many stories still even this year of countries in dispute and recently there has been a lot of talk about countries shooting down things like balloons and unidentified aircraft that are said to be spying on various countries. This got me thinking in terms of buying items like a computer where if you were holding off on these kinds of purchases before, would you actually buy it now encase a war happens which would drive the prices up?

We often talk about stocking up food which of course is important as high tech gadgets aren’t going to be very useful if you are starving. But at the same time it could give you an advantage in having updated devices to be able to communicate with others during dire times or oddly enough it may help you in whatever the new landscape may be in doing work for survival. Kind of like when the lockdowns were in place people with at least modern day webcams and computers had a lor of success starting digital businesses or being able to work and communicate from home. I can imagine where if you are using very old tech then it can make even video conferencing a major challenge.

It’s something I have been thinking about for some purchases where I am still holding off for something better initially.

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